Future bicycle overpass over highway A4

Ackerdijkse polder, south of Delft.

Future bicycle overpass over highway A4

Transformation of the square Beneden Molendijk

Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands 

Transformation of the square Beneden Molendijk

Redesigning the Middenweg Zuid as a main bicycle street

Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands

Redesigning the Middenweg Zuid as a main bicycle street

Lange Vijverberg, a green, urban boulevard

The Hague, the Netherlands

Lange Vijverberg, a green, urban boulevard

Dick van Veen

About me

Dick is a senior traffic engineer and urban designer with over 15 years of experience. His specialty is bridging the gap between traffic and public space, between 'flowing' and 'staying'. In his mind designing is never about just cars or traffic, but always involves the human condition. Designing is about interaction between people on the street. Interaction between a person and his surroundings, between through traffic and local residents, between a pedestrian and a cyclist, between a cyclist and a motorist; social interactions require an urban design which is recognizable, attractive, functional, and flexible. Street design is never a blueprint; guidelines are a starting point, not a finish line. 

With his holistic view, his enthusiasm, his creativity and his thinking 'out-of-the-box', Dick has been a driver for change at many complex challenges in public space. Dick has an extensive portfolio with studies and actually build design projects throughout the Netherlands, Europe and North-America. The insights collected through this broad international experience works both ways: it refreshes the way Dick looks at projects 'at home' in the Netherlands, while it offers smart insights in how to plug in that Dutch knowledge in international projects. Dick is an experienced speaker at conferences and events. 

If you are interested in exploring some of Dick's projects, please click here.


Free online course on "how to design a woonerf'

29-10-2021 | 10:57

2 million of the 9 million houses in the Netherlands are build in a so called 'woonerf'. This special and unique streetscape allows for placemaking to happen, by reducing the dominance of the car. Read more

Presenting Dutch style intersections in Delaware

19-11-2020 | 11:20

I have been asked by Bike Delaware to participate in the virtual bicycle conference 'Desgning Delware Intersections for People', which will take place on November 19, 2020. Read more



Dickvanveen is offering support in street design and design of public space. Dick's creativity and extensive knowledge often inspires change and beyond-the-book solutions in the earlier design phases, from developing conceptual ideas and sketches to elaborate preliminary drawings. Dick is most happy when working in an integral team, striving to bring projects at least one step further than the usual, through workshops and design charrettes.

Dick is a strong believer in the value of network organizations. Therefore, for each project he gathers the right set of partners and partner-companies around him. Together, they design streets, squares, parks, bicycle lanes, home zones, main streets and pedestrian areas. All focused around that one central goal: improving the livable, inclusive, healthy environment as the podium for people to work, meet, recreate and simply live as they please. 


Review East Covell Corridor Plan

City of Davis, CA, US Review East Covell Corridor Plan

Spring Creek Drive

Canmore, Canada Spring Creek Drive

Lange Vijverberg

The Hague Lange Vijverberg


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Dick van Veen