Dick presenting ‘Designigng the Cycling City’ for  Slovakia

06-07-2022 | 16:15

Dick presenting ‘Designigng the Cycling City’ for Slovakia

More and more cities in Slovakia are interested in improving their cycling culture. To increase the knowledge of decision makers, engineers and architects in Slovakia, the Smart Cities Club, in collaboration with Humankind City, organized the webinar series 'Designing a cycling city', an e-learning course on urban mobility. The course is co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility. In this first webinar I gave the presentation Why we Cycle; an extensive lecture in which I discuss the success behind Dutch cycling policy, the benefits of a good cycling culture and the crucial components in the design of safe and attractive cycling infrastructure. With this, I hope to contribute to spreading the success of Dutch cycling in neighboring countries.

More information: https://smartcitiesklub.sk/preco-holandania-bicykluju-cyklisticke-mesta-mozeme-projektovat-aj-my/